Visual Basic Interview Questions -4

46. What is Seek Method which type of record set is available this?

Only in DbOpenTables.
Syntax: rs.index = "empno" "=" , 10
If with our setting the rs.index then run time error will occur.

47. What is Zorder Method?

Object.Zorder = 1 or 0 Place a Specified mdiform form or control at the front or back of the z-order with n its Graphical Level.

48. Can us able to set Instancing properties like Singleuse, GlobalSingleuse to ActiveXDll?


49. What are properties available in Clip Board?

No Properties Available. Only the methods they are SetText, GetText, Setdata(), Getformat(), Clear

50. What is the different between Microsoft ODBC Driver and Oracle OBDC Driver?

Microsoft ODBC driver will support all the methods and properties of Visual Basic. Where as the Oracle not.

51. What the RDO Methods and Events?

Methods Events
Begin Trans Validate
Commit Trans Reposition
Rollback Trans Error
Cancel Query Complied
Update Controls
Update row

52. What is MAPI ?

Messaging Application programming Interface.

53. What is MDI form?

MDI Styles?

54. What are the locks available in Visual Basic?

Locking is the process by which a DBMS restricts access to a row in a multi-user environment 4 types of locks. They are
1. Batch Optimistic
2. Optimistic
3. Pessimistic
4. ReadOnly
Operations in a relational database act on a complete set of rows. The set of rows returned by a SELECT statement consists of all the rows that satisfy the conditions in the WHERE clause of the statement. This complete set of rows returned by the statement is known as the result set.
Applications, especially those that are interactive and online, cannot always work effectively with the entire result set as a unit.
These applications need a mechanism to work with one row or a small block of rows at a time. Cursors are an extension to result sets that provide that mechanism.
Cursor or lock type Advantages Disadvantages AdOpenForwardOnly (Default) Low resource requirements Cannot scroll backward No data concurrency AdOpenStatic Scrollable (Wont detect changes made at the same time by another application) No data concurrency AdOpenKeyset Some data concurrency Scrollable Higher resource requirements Not available in disconnected scenario AdOpenDynamic High data concurrency Scrollable Highest resource requirements Not available in disconnected scenario AdLockReadOnly Low resource requirements Highly scalable Data not updatable through cursor AdLockBatchOptimistic Batch updates Allows disconnected scenarios Other users able to access data Data can be changed by multiple users at once AdLockPessimistic Data cannot be changed by other users while locked Prevents other users from accessing data while locked AdLockOptimistic Other users able to access data Data can be changed by multiple users at once.

55. Diff type of Datatypes?

LOB (Large Object Data type).
CLOB (Stores Character Objects).
BLOB ( Store Binary Objects such as Graphic, Video Chips and Sound files).
BFILE(Store file pointers to LOB It may Contain filename for photo’s store on CD_ROM).

56. What is Tabstrip control?

Libraries of procedure external to the application but can be called from the application.

57. What is Static Variable?

Its Scope will be available through out the life time.

58. What is DBSqlPassThrough?

It will By Passing the Jet Query Processor.

59. What is the starting Index value? How to locate it?

It is tab control to place our controls with in the form in multiple sheets.
Index starts with 1.
And to identify If Tabstrip1.SelectedItem.
Index = 1 Then ..
End if

60. What is Parser Bug?

It is difficult to use database objects declared in a module from within a form.

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