Visual Basic Interview Questions -3

31. What are the Style Properties of Combo Box?

Simple, Dropdown list We can type and select. Dropdown Combo Only Drop Down.

32. What are the Style properties of List Box?

Simple Single Select , Extended. Multiple Select.

33. What is Collection Objects?

Similarly to arrays but is preferred over an array because of the following reasons.
1. A collection objects uses less Memory than an array.
2. It provides methods to add and delete members.
3. It does not required reason statement when objects are added or deleted.
4. It does not have boundary limitations.

34. What is the difference between Property Get, Set and Let?

Set Value is assigned to ActiveX Object from the form.
Let Value is retried to ActiveX Object from the form.
Get- Assigns the value of an expression to a variable or property.

35. How to change the Mouse Pointer?

Screen.MousePointer = VBHourGlass/VBNormal.

36. What is Friend Variable?

Scope sharable between projects.

37. What is DBFailError?

Rolls Back updates if any errors Occurs

38. What are the record set types?

RdOpenFowardOnly 0 (Default used only for the read only purpose)
RdOpenStatic 1
RdOpenDynamic 2
RdOpenKeySet 3 (Normally used for the live project)

39. What is the diff between RDO and ADO?

RDO is Hierarchy model where as ADO is Object model. ADO can access data from both flat files as well as the data bases. I.e., It is encapsulation of DAO, RDO , OLE that is why we call it as OLE-DB Technology.

40. Diff types of Lock Types?

RdConcurReadOnly 0 (Default)
RdConcurLock 1 (Pessimistic Locking)
RdConcurRowver 2 (Optimistic Lociking)
RdConcurValues 3
RdConcurBatch 4

41. What are the scopes of the class?

Public, private, Friend

42. Have you create Properties and Methods for your own Controls?

Properties Public variable of a Class
Method Public procedure of a class

43. Private Dim x as integer. Valid ?

Private cannot be used in front of DIM.

44. Different type of Instantiation?

Private Only for the Specific Module.
Public not creatable Private & Public
Multi Use - Variable we have to declare.
Single Use Not possible through dll.
Global Multiuse Have variable not Required to Declare.
Global Single Use - Only for exe.

45. What are the different types of Dialog Box?

Predefined, Custom, User Defined.

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