Microsoft Interview Process


Microsoft Interview process Depends on the position. If your technical you better know your weaknesses. Microsoft doesn't try to intimidate you, but they do ask detailed programming questions. Be able to go to the white board and code and/or answer logic scenarios.

The basic process, which can differ, is that you are placed in a room where 4 to 5 different people will come in and interview you. The questions are range from behavior to technical depending on the position.

If you are going for a programming position, expect to meet with at least 3 program managers. If a weakness is spotted they typically pass that information on to the next person to see how weak you are in a certain area.

But again. The goal is not to be a hard ass. And if you are weak in an area that doesn't mean you won't get the job - unless it directly applies to your job - but rather they want to make sure they know the candidate they are getting.

Suggestions ::

Refresh your algorithm and data structure knowledge ( binary trees, hashes, doubly linked stuff etc).

Data Structures, Data Structures, Data Structures.

Algorithms, Algorithms, Algorithms.You need to be good on data structure and C++ classes Ability to write code that not only works but has error handling as well. Analytical ability, thinking under pressure


  1. Well, Those are very valuable suggestions.