Visual Basic Interview Questions -2

16. What are the main components of the ADO object model? How are they used?

Connection: Used to make a connection between your app and an external data source, ie, sql server.Command: Used to build queries, including user-specific parameters, to access records from a data source (which are returned in a Recordset)Recordset:Used to access records returned from an SQL query. With a recordset, you can navigate returned records. You can also add, modify or delete records.

17. Can We create CGI scripts in VB??


18. Dim x, y as integer. What is x and y data type?

X as variant and y as integer.

19. What is Centralization Error Handling?

Writing function and calling it when error occurs.

20. What is frx?

When some controls like grid and third party control placed in our application then it will create frx in run time.

21. What is the Dll required for running the VB?


22. Why we use Treeview Control?

To list the hierarchical list of the node objects. Such of files and Directories.

23. Handling Error in Calling chain.

This will call the top most error where the error is handled.

24. In project properties if we set Unattended what is it mean?

This cannot have user interface. This can be used for the COM creation.

25. What is the size of the variant data type?

The Variant data type has a numeric storage size of 16 bytes and can contain data up to the range of a Decimal, or a character storage size of 22 bytes (plus string length),and can store any character text.

26. What is view Port?

The area under which the container provides the view of the ActiveX Document is known as a view port.

27. What are the different types of error?

Syntax Errors, Runtime , Logic.

28. What is the diff between the Std and Class Module?

Std Global with in the project. Cls Global through out the all project only thing is we want to set the type lib. Class Modules can be Instantiated.

29. What is Mixed Cursors?

Static + Keyset

30. Drag and Drop state numbers and functions?

State 0 Source control is being dragged with the range of a target.
1 Out of the range of a target.
2 One position in the target to another.

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