Fractural Analysis Latest Placements Interview

Written test

In the written test few questions were asked based on the english and general knowledge and math aptitude.

Technical Interview

1. This interview was purely based on nlp and knowledge in information retrieval areas.

2. Algorithm to implement IR systems using semantics. Example: If a user gives a query “book-review”. We need to retrieve web-pages that are really book-reviews of some other pages but not those web pages which contains the word book review.

3. A scenario was given like this and i was to implement a search system. In that interview he gave me “food scenario”. If u r building a search engine what r things u will do. (We need to explain from initial steps such as raw data collection and structure data storage until search algorithm)…. These questions purely based on IEIR - NLP.

4. If u r building a search engine what r all the problems u will face as a programmer (plan-design).

5. Will u be fit for this company. so be aware of job profile carefully what r the things u know about work in fractal?

6. In language translation questions regarding Machine-Translation systems /Rule based systems were asked ?

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