Logical Puzzles-3

For questions 1-10 : Find the odd one

1)518 2)448 3)426 4)574

1)4 2)28 3)48 4)100


1)Mouse 2)Monitor 3)Keyboard 4)Joy stick

1).jpeg 2).exe 3).jpg 4).gif

1)Scissors 2)Knives 3)Trousers 4)Knickers

1)Kill 2)Will 3)Fill 4)Bill

1)Xylophone 2)Telephone 3)Violin 4)Clarinet

1)Nucles 2)Mitochondria 3)Celloplasm 4)Tissue

1)RAM 2)Cache 3)Hard disk 4)Compact Disc

Direction for questions 11 to 15: Each question contains five or six statements followed by four sets of three statements each.Choose the set in which the statements are logically related.

(A)No teacher is patient.
(B)Some teacher are not patients.
(C)No teachers is a doctor.
(D)Some nurses are not teachers.
(E)Some nurses are doctors.
(F)All patients are doctors.
1)CAF 2)CED 3)BCF 4)All the three

(A)Some bowlers are not cricketers.
(B)All batsmen are bowlers.
(C)All cricketers are not batsmen.
(D)All bowlers are cricketers.
(E)Some cricketers are bowlers.
(F)Some bowlers are not batsmen.
1)ECF 2)ABC 3)CDF 4)None of these

(A)Some SMS are not GMS.
(B)Each SMS is TMS.
(C)Some SMS are MMS.
(D)No MMS is GMS.
(E)Most TMS is MMS.
(F)No GMS is TMS.
1)ADC 2)DEF 3)BDF 4)None of these

(A)No CPI is BJP.
(B)No BJP is Congress.
(C)Some BJP's are SAD
(D)No Congress is CPI
(E)Some SAD's are not Congress.
(F)Some SAD's are CPI's.
1)ABD 2)ECB 3)DFC 4)None of these

(A)Every credit card is not a green card.
(B)Some credit cards are direct credit cards.
(C)Some direct credit cards are not debit cards.
(D)No credit card is a debit card.
(E)Some green cards are debit cards.
(F)No credit card is a direct credit card.
1)CDF 2)AED 3)BCD 4)None of these

Directions for questions 16 to 20: Read the following passage, and from the statements that follow each passage choose the one that can be concluded from the passage.

16)Those who can speak English. Some Marathi speaking people cannot speak English. All Bengali speaking people are Indians.All Indians can speak Hindi.
1)Some Bengali speaking people cannot speak Marathi.
2)Some English speaking people are not Indians.
3)Some Marathi speaking people cannot speak Bengali.
4)None of these

17)Some non vegetarians are animals.Vegetarian eat only vegatables.All non-vegetarians are vegetarians. Those who eat only vegetables do not eat meat.No animal is a human.
1)Some, who do not eat meat,are human.
2)No animal is vegetarian.
3)Human do not eat meat.
4)None of these.

18)Norah Jones is a singer.Those who don't know how to play violin,know how to play guitar.Those who sing songs,don't know how to play violin.Every singer sings songs.
1)Singers know how to play guitar.
2)All singers don't know how to play violine.
3)Norah Jones knows how to play guitar.
4)None of these.

19)Coal is black.Somethings which glitter are diamonds.No glitter is gold.Diamond is coal.
1)Some gold is coal.
2)Somethings, which are gold are not black.
3)Somethings, which are black are not gold.
4)None of these

20)Leaders are assertive people.Trainees are developers.Those who take classes are not Doctors.Doctors are not leaders.Some developers take classes.
1)Some assertive people are not trainees.
2)All trainees are not assertive people.
3)Some leaders are not trainees.
4)None of these.

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