Microsoft Intern Interview Questions

  1. Implement stack using linked list.

  2. Give 5 test cases when it will work and when it won’t.

  3. How many matches will be played in a knockout tournament between 9 teams (get the general formula for n teams).

  4. What are greedy algorithms? Give examples.

  5. Given the English dictionary and a string, find all the correct English words possible with the letters of the string.

  6. Given an array of strings, print them vertically.
    E.g. cat, an, cool   
    c a c
    a n o
    t o

  7. What are the parameters required to implement a strcpy function?

  8. An array is of size N with integers between 0 and 1024(repetitions allowed). Another array of integers is of size M with no constraints on the numbers.
    Find which elements of first array are present in the second array.
    (If you are using extra memory, think of minimizing that still, using bitwise operators)


  1. Great post. But does this mean there is a difference between the intern interview questions and the full-time ones !?

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  3. well an intern isn't that near to full time employment..

    Interns interviews usually only require good programing skills,where it isn't the same in case of employment.
    hoping its clear..

  4. You ever got an intern position there Rajiv ?

  5. well.. not yet.. may be trying out this yr..

    one of my friends did an intern and I collected the questions from him..

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  7. nopes.. may be we can try out over gtalk...

  8. Okay, take my email from my profile !

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