Microsoft Interview - 2

1.Given a string 'abcdef' and another string 'efg' remove all occurences of
the characters in 'efg' from 'abcdef'. Write 'to ship' code and give test
cases. Design a program to test any implementation of this problem

2.Given a unit square with a number of lines passing through it. These lines
are not parallel and they do not intersect within the square. They also
intersect with x=0 and x=1. Given a point I,j find the two closest lines to
it. Also describe what data structures you would use to store and solve

3.Given a file with a lot of words (10 million) find out the top 10% most
frequently occuring words.

4.Given a word and a file containing words in the dictionary find anagrams of
that word.

5.Given a sorted, shifted array find the minimum element. Example from 34512
(the minimum is 1), 45123 (the minimum is 1) etc.

6.Given a set of numbers find the number that occurs more than N/2 number of

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