Resume Tips

Resume is a very important document. The HR will have only your resume to understand your skills. Whatever pre screening happens will be at the resume level itself. Now a days no HR has the time to invite all the applicants to identify the skill set personally. So the Resume becomes vital.

1: Prepare your own Resume: This will enable you to understand what you have mentioned in the resume. You will have more confidence to answer the questions.

2: Mention only what ever you are totally confident about. The HR will identify any one topic in your resume and ask you the full details on the same topic.

3:If you have mentioned any project details in your resume, take enough time to understand your strength on the methodology involved in the project from the scratch to the finish.

4: Do not forget to mention the full details of your academics from High school to the last qualification with all details like year, subjects, division and percentage of marks.

5: Do not hesitate to mention any additional information which may not be relevant to the academics.Somethings like NCC, study trips sports etc.

6: It is very important to have good hobbies. Even if you don’t, better late than never. Start cultivating good hobbies like reading, journals relating to IT AND ITES, Internet browsing in terms of getting updated with current affairs of IT companies, reading good English novels to improve English speaking skills etc. Because, your hobbies reflect your time management skills, your approach towards career and life and your tastes in life.

7: Prepare your resume as and when you need it. Do not prepare a common resume for all the companies. If you have varied skills in different technologies, Prioritize the respective company’s requirement first.

8: Before you apply to a company go to their web site and understand full information available.


1. Do not mention a telephone number to which you don’t have an access or which is Not working

2. Do not mention a mail id which is not working.

3. Do not fake your experience. If you are a fresher, wait for the companies to look for Freshers and hit the bull’s eye. There are lot of companies which look for freshers.

Covering letter.

Write the covering letter first and then the resume. Because, you must prepare a letter in such a way that the reader gets curious about you and in such a way that generates some interest about you.

In the covering letter you must address to HR, Name of the company correct address and the post applied for in the right field.In the matter you give a brief introduction