Ikoa semiconductors Interview-1

1st round : Aptitude (written test) - 30 min

There were total 30 Multiple Choice questions. 2 for correct and -1 for wrong, pretty simple questions… doing PPTP questions would be more then enough for it.

(Tips :- Don't attempt the question if you are not sure of the answer)

2nd round : Technical (written test) - 60 min

It was a descriptive paper, there were 12 questions covering topics from C/C++, Digital Logic Design, Computer Organization, Microprocessors (they were in impression that we have been taught C++ here)

1. Define a structure class in C++.

2. one question based on OOPS.

3. A circuit diagram using CMOS was given and we were asked to find the logic expression.

4. Three questions on State Diagram.

5. Some questions on solving logic expressions

6. write a C code for strlen().

7. question on memory - like build a 2M X 32 memory using 64K X 8 memory cell.

(Tips :- Try to attempt all the questions, since no negative marking and draw digram where ever possible, it add to the examiners comfort when they check the paper)


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