Citrix Written Test Questions-2

11. Find the slope of the line joining the points (0,2) and (3, -2)
a. -4/3
b. ¾
c. -3/4
d. 4/3

12. Solve for x in x^3+3x^2+5x+9=6
a. -1
b. 1
c. -2
d. -3

13. 73 to the base x is equivalent to 51 to the base y. which of the following may be the possible values of x and y
a. 10, 12
b. 8, 16
c. 9, 13
d. 8, 12

14. Which of the following is independent of the operating system and machine architecture
a. linker
b. loader
c. compiler
d. debugger

15. Which of the following restricts a process to the memory allocated to it
a. stack pointers
b. memory allocation hardware
c. kernel
d. none of these

16. When a user logs out, what happens to the processes created by him?
a. they’ll be killed
b. aborted
c. hang
d. none of these

17. What is the output of
Struct node {
Int a;
Int b;
Int c;
Struct node a = {2,4,5};
Struct node *st;
St = &a;
Printf(“%d”, *(int *)st);
a. 2
b. 3
c. 7
d. 11

18. What is the output of
Struct outer{
Struct inner{
Int a = 10;
Int b = 5;
Struct inner new;
Printf(“%d”, new.a)
a. It will give a compilation error
b. 10
c. 5
d. 15

19. Thrashing is solved by
a. increasing cpu bound processes
b. reducing the degree of multi-programming
c. increasing user processes
d. none of these

20. If t` is the reverse of t then what is the reverse of trs
a. s’r’t’
b. srt
c. t’r’s’
d. t’rs’


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  2. could anyone please post the answers too??

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