Solutions to Amazon Intern Interview Questions

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1)Place a red ball in a urn and all the further balls in the other urn.The probability for picking out the red ball is now greater than 0.5.

2)If v<=2V then the position is (v*L)/(2*V) from the starting point else it is 2*L -(v*L)/(2*V) from the starting point.

4)If we know the process then we can kill it by killall -9 "process name" else we can kill it using its process id obtained by the command ps -x by kill -9 "processid" .

5)Top command displays all the Linux tasks running at that particular time.It provides their running time and the resources used.

6)The number appearing 2 times is (sum of all the numbers in the array) - (sum of the numbers from 1 to n).
For floating numbers multiply it with 100 and proceed.

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  1. Complete solution for 2nd problem::

    time when 2 trains meet = time the particle has to travel = L/(2*V)

    So, distance traveled by particle, S = v*(L/(2*V))

    let x= S/L and y = S % L

    if x is odd then position from A = L-y

    else y