C++ Job Interview Questions

Assume I have a linked list contains all of the alphabets from ‘A’ to ‘Z’. I want to find the letter ‘Q’ in the list, how does you perform the search to find the ‘Q’?

Answer: In a linked list, we only know about the header and other elements are invisible unless we go through the node one by one. Since we have go through every single node to find ‘Q’, the search time for a linked list is linear which is O (N).

(From IBM) How do you think about your school?

Answer: I enjoy studying in our school because we have many professors and instructors are from local companies. Their professions lead us more close to local industries.

(From IBM) What classes you have enjoyed the most during your school years?

Answer: I like the class I am taking this semester, which involves a group project that needs great amount of team efforts. I really enjoy work with a group of people because we can learn new materials mutually.

According to your group project you just mentioned, what’s the responsibility for each member in your group?

Answer: We have five people in our group. So far we have two web servers set up; one will be the back up system and the other will be the main system. Our leader coordinates the schedule. Two members are working on the database and do the coding for the connection between database and Java serverlets. One member is working on the user browser interface. All members will assign some classes to work on and perform the final test at the end. We have group meeting every Saturday to ensure our schedule is on track.

Can you work under pressure?

Answer: I worked for Sega of America in the hardware development group three years ago. They were working on the next generation of gaming machine (which is the “Dreamcast” we seen today in the market). My duty was to ensure the quality of prototypes that just built from manufacture were ready for engineers to test. I managed to balance the schedules and pressures from school and work.


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