C++ Interview Questions

  1. What is the difference between an ARRAY and a LIST?
  2. What is faster : access the element in an ARRAY or in a LIST?
  3. Define a constructor - what it is and how it might be called (2 methods).
  4. Describe PRIVATE, PROTECTED and PUBLIC – the differences and give examples.
  5. What is a COPY CONSTRUCTOR and when is it called (this is a frequent question !)?
  6. Explain term POLIMORPHISM and give an example using eg. SHAPE object: If I have a base class SHAPE, how would I define DRAW methods for two objects CIRCLE and SQUARE.
  7. What is the word you will use when defining a function in base class to allow this function to be a polimorphic function?
  8. What are 2 ways of exporting a function from a DLL?
  9. You have two pairs: new() and delete() and another pair : alloc() and free(). Explain differences between eg. new() and malloc()
  10. What is a callback function. Explain in C and C++ and WIN API environment.
  11. (From WINDOWS API area): what is LPARAM and WPARAM?

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