Practise Puzzles - 1

11) In a hotel, rooms are numbered from 101 to 550. A room is chosen at random. What is the probability that room number starts with 1, 2 or 3 and ends with 4, 5 or 6?

12) There are 3 persons X, Y and Z. On some day, X lent tractors to Y and Z as many as they had. After a month Y gave as many tractors to X and Z as many as they have. After a month Z did the same thing. At the end of this transaction each one of them had 24.

Find the tractors each originally had?

13) You have 14 apples. Your Friend Marge takes away 3 and gives you 2. You drop 7 but pick up 4. Bret takes 4 and gives 5. You take one from Marge and give it to Bret in exchange for 3 more. You give those 3 to Marge and she gives you an apple and an orange. Frank comes and takes the apple Marge gave you and gives you a pear. You give the pear to Bret in exchange for an apple. Frank then takes an apple from Marge, gives it to Bret for an orange, gives you the orange for an apple.

How many pears do you have?

14) There were N stations on a railroad. After adding X stations 46 additional tickets have to be printed.

Find N and X.

15) An emergency vehicle travels 10 miles at a speed of 50 miles per hour.

How fast must the vehicle travel on the return trip if the round-trip travel time is to be 20 minutes?

16) All of the students at a college are majoring in psychology, business, or both. 73% of the students are psychology majors, & 62% are business majors.

If there are 200 students, how many of them are majoring in both psychology & business?

17) Karan bought a little box of midget matches, each one inch in length. He found that he could arrange them all in the form of a triangle whose area was just as many square inches as there were matches.

He then used up six of the matches, and found that with the remainder he could again construct another triangle whose area was just as many square inches as there were matches.

And using another six matches he could again do precisely the same.

How many matches were there in the box originally?

Note that the match-box can hold maximum of 50 matches.

18) Mr. Black, Mr. White and Mr. Grey were chatting in the Yahoo conference. They were wearing a black suit, a white suit and a grey suit, not necessarily in the same order.

Mr. Grey sent message, "We all are wearing suit that are of the same color as our names but none of us is wearing a suit that is the same color as his name."

On that a person wearing the white suit replied, "What difference does that make?"

Can you tell what color suit each of the three persons had on?

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