Practise Puzzles - 2

11) Assume for a moment that the earth is a perfectly uniform sphere of radius 6400 km. Suppose a thread equal to the length of the circumference of the earth was placed along the equator, and drawn to a tight fit.

Now suppose that the length of the thread is increased by 12 cm, and that it is pulled away uniformly in all directions.

By how many cm. will the thread be separated from the earth's surface?

12) Scientist decided to do a study on the population growth of rabbits. Inside a controlled environment, 1000 rabbits were placed.

Six months later, there were 1000Z rabbits. At the beginning of the 3rd year, there were roughly 2828Z rabbits, which was 4 times what the scientists placed in there at the beginning of the 1st year.

If Z is a positive variable, how many rabbits would be there at the beginning of the 11th year?

13) A man is stranded on a desert island. All he has to drink is a 20oz bottle of sprite.

To conserve his drink he decides that on the first day he will drink one oz and the refill the bottle back up with water. On the 2nd day he will drink 2oz and refill the bottle. On the 3rd day he will drink 3oz and so on...

By the time all the sprite is gone, how much water has he drunk?

14) You have four 9's and you may use any of the (+, -, /, *) as many times as you like. I want to see a mathematical expression which uses the four 9's to = 100

How many such expressions can you make?

15) In a certain year, the number of girls who graduated from City High School was twice the number of boys. If 3/4 of the girls and 5/6 of the boys went to college immediately after graduation, what fraction of the graduates that year went to college immediately after graduation?

16) A mule and a donkey were carrying full sacks on their backs.

The mule started complaining that his load was too heavy. The donkey said to him "Why are you complaining? If you gave me one of your sacks I'd have double what you have and if I give you one of my sacks we'd have an even amount."

How many sacks were each of them carrying? Give the minimal possible answer

17) Two people enter a race in whick you run to a point and back. Person A runs 20 mph to and from the point. Person B runs to the point going 10 mph and 30 mph going back.

Who came in first?

18) Three friends divided some bullets equally. After all of them shot 4 bullets the total number of bullets remaining is equal to the bullets each had after division. Find the original number divided.

19) Find sum of digits of D.
Let A= 1999 (power) 1999

B = sum of digits of A, C = sum of digits of B, D = sum of digits of C. (HINT: A = B = C = D (mod 9))

20) There is a 50m long army platoon marching ahead. The last person in the platoon wants to give a letter to the first person leading the platoon. So while the platoon is marching he runs ahead, reaches the first person and hands over the letter to him and without stopping he runs and comes back to his original position.In the mean time the whole platoon has moved ahead by 50m.The question is how much distance did the last person cover in that time. Assuming that he ran the whole distance with uniform speed.

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