Algorithms And Programming #8

71. What is disk interleaving

72. Why is disk interleaving adopted?

73. Given a new disk, how do you determine which interleaving is the best a) give 1000 read operations with each kind of interleaving determine the best interleaving from the statistics

74. Draw the graph with performance on one axis and 'n' on another, where 'n' in the 'n' in n-way disk interleaving. (A tricky question, should be answered carefully)

75. I was a c++ code and was asked to find out the bug in that. The bug was that he declared an object locally in a function and tried to return the pointer to that object. Since the object is local to the function, it no more exists after returning from the function. The pointer, therefore, is invalid outside.

76. A real life problem - A square picture is cut into 16 squares and they are shuffled. Write a program to rearrange the 16 squares to get the original big square. *a;
char *c;
*(a) = 20;
*c = *a;
printf (“%c”, *c);

What is the output?

78. Write a program to find whether a given m/c is big-endian or little-endian!

79. What is a volatile variable?

80. What is the scope of a static function in C?


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