Latest Amazon Interview Questions -2

1.Given a string,find the first un-repeated character in it? Give some test cases

2.You are given a dictionary of all valid words. You have the following 3 operations permitted on a word:

a) Delete a character

b) Insert a character

c) Replace a character

Now given two words - word1 and word2 - find the minimum number of steps required to convert word1 to word2. (one operation counts as 1 step.)

3.Given a cube of size n*n*n (i.e made up of n^3 smaller cubes), find the number of smaller cubes on the surface. Extend this to k-dimension.

4.What is a C array and illustrate the how is it different from a list.

5. What is the time and space complexities of merge sort and when is it preferred over quick sort?

6. Write a function which takes as parameters one regular expression(only ? and * are the special characters) and a string and returns whether the string matched the regular expression.

7. Given n red balls and m blue balls and some containers, how would you distribute those balls among the containers such that the probability of picking a red ball is maximized, assuming that the user randomly chooses a container and then randomly picks a ball from that.

8.Find the second largest element in an array with minimum no of comparisons and give the minimum no of comparisons needed on an array of size N to do the same.

9. Given an array of size n ,containing every element from 1 to n+1, except one. Find the missing element.


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